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Fred and Carrie at the season 4 wrap party.

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The other day with @casperlundemann. Necklace by @xevana

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                I always told myself that if we ever broke up, I would die trying to get you back, because living without you was not something I was willing to do.  Over a year has passed since March, 2013, when we did. Since then i have thrown away two opportunities to have something special with two very amazing girls, who both have great boyfriends now, because I wanted you back more than anything. No more. Though my love, care, and infatuation for you will never fade, even slightly, and i still wish i could’ve gone down on you just one more time (have to say that) , I can’t wait around for someone who doesn’t want me anymore and I will notmiss out again on the chance to fall in love. 

               I love you endlessly. I wish I could say that no one ever will as much as I do, but you are so beautiful, so smart, and so easy to love, that I would sound foolish saying so. No matter what I will always be here with open arms if one day you find yourself missing me, and if that day never comes, I will be okay. 

              Lastly, thank you. Thank you for all the experiences you gave me. Ages 16-19 are important years to grow as a person and I was with you for the majority of them. That being said, you played the biggest role in building my patience, shaping my kindness and much more; making me the great person I am today. I can’t thank you enough, you’ve done more for me than you know. 


Christie Falls V ➾ Luke Gram
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